Foursquare is just good clean fun! While the game was launched back in March 2009, it was not available in my area until they opened the game up world wide in January 2010. Curious to give it a test drive I installed the app on my iPhone and began to check into places that I visited throughout the day. Creating new locations what where not already in the system. If that had been the extent of the game I would have gone back to using Brightkite and Gowalla.

The real fun began when I pursuaded a couple of friends to join Foursquare, because there are points earned for each check-n that you make during the day. And this seems to tap into the base competitive instinct within us all! In addition to earning points for each check-in that you make, there are additional points the first time you visit a place, and there are also additional points for creating a new location. With these basic incentives, the game is afoot!

It's simple to view your points and those of your friends. Which just motives you to earn more points in order to stay on top of the leaderboard. But the avenues for motivation do not end there. By enabling push notification on your iPhone you will receive popup notifications each time your friends check-in. Needless to say this prompts you to check the leaderboard, often only to discover that you have fallen behind. Time for a beverage run! :)

Now even if you are not the winner at the end of the week, do not despair! The points are reset every Monday morning and the game starts all over again.
What are you waiting for? Install the app on your iPhone, Blackberry, Android or Palm Pre and start having some fun!