One of the new features in iTunes 9 is Home Sharing, which lets you share and transfer content between multiple iTunes libraries on your local network. Well it was not working for Laura and I on our Windows machines. So after several hours of troubleshooting I wanted to share our success store and the steps taken to get Home Sharing working. Many thanks to Sandy Santra for his posting on the Mac Forums.

Since Laura and I have separate iTunes accounts, which is one of the added complications that caused us problems. Here are the steps we took ...
  1. Turn OFF Home Sharing on BOTH computers (this is NOT done in Preferences; instead, go here: Advanced, Home Sharing)
  2. Make sure BOTH machines are authorized for BOTH iTunes accounts (Store, Authorize Computer)—i.e., if each has its own iTunes account
  3. You do NOT have to be logged into the same account on both computers; each computer may stay logged into the iTunes store under its own login
  4. For sanity's sake on this part, check to make sure of this—i.e., that each machine is logged into the store with its own store account (Store, View My Account, check to see ID is correct)
  5. NOW turn Home Sharing back on (Advanced, Home Sharing) on each computer, but use ONE account to log into Home Sharing on both (or all) computers
  6. Don't worry, this does not "flip" the login ID for a particular computer's iTunes Store connection to the ID being used for Home Sharing
  7. On each computer now you should see a "Home" icon with the shared library in the left-hand sidebar
  8. Open the shared library and drag and drop as desired
The bottom line seems to be this:
  1. Keep each computer logged into the store with a separate iTunes ID (if you need to)
  2. Get all the computers authorized for all available IDs
  3. Use ONE ID to log into Home Sharing on ALL computers