Using Facebox jQuery plugin with Kynetx

Sofware applications are so much more robust, and can be developed in less time when you are able to stand on the shoulder of giants! The ability to use a select group of the jQuery plugins to build Kynetx applications has been greatly enabled by the addition of the external resource directives. Do note that the full feature set of Facebox is not available because of Javascript cross-site scripting limitations. Here is a demo page using the Facebox jQuery plugin in a Kynetx app.

In short you will need to edit the last line of the facebox.js file, and then include both the Facebox Javascript & CSS file as external resources in your Kynetx application. Here are the detail steps:

Getting Your YQL XPath Expression with Firebug

The ability to harvest data from web pages using Yahoo! Query Language (YQL) Web Service is nothing short of inspired. If you have not taken YQL for a test drive, I would highly recommend you carve out an hour of time to play with it.

When building your YQL statement you will need to determine the correct XPath expression in order to extract the data from the web page of interest. Using firebug to find the Xpath on a webpage makes it much simpler to determine the needed XPath expression. However, there is one caveat! You need to remove the tbody components from the XPath expression as they are not recognized by YQL.

PrettyPrint Code Snippets Blogger Post

It seemed like a reasonable expection to be able to post snippets of code in a blog post. But alas it is not a straight forward task. After a bit of research the leading option appears to be SyntaxHighlighter by Alex Gorbatchev. While there are a number of articles which describe the installation and configuration of SyntaxHighligher here are the steps I took. Your mileage may vary, and I would recommend reading the post by Zobayer Hasan and Bloggermint.