With the release of the HTTP Library by Kynetx it is now possible to send Push Notifications to your iPhone using the notifo service. First you will need to sign up for an account at notifo, then download and install their free iPhone application. Notifo provides excellent documentation for the notifo API which can be accessed by simply making HTTP POST.

Using the Kynetx http:post action you can call the notifo send_notification method as follows:
http:post("https://username:apisecret@api.notifo.com/v1/send_notification") setting(resp)
  with params = {
    "title": "Greetings From Aculis",
      "uri": "http%3A%2F%2Fwww.kynetx.com%2F",
      "msg": "This is a demo of push notification from a Kynetx application"

You will need to replace username and apisecret with you own notifo credientials, which can be found on the settings page.

 The code for the full demo application is available as a gist on GitHub. Running the demo Kynetx application will display the following notification on your iPhone.

And within the notifo iPhone application you can view the message. Selecting the message will open the Safari browser with the URL provided in the notification.