BiGoHoo! Search Results Mashed with Facebook Like

Eager to put the newly released Kynetx Annotation V 2.0 framework to use has given birth to BiGoHoo! This initial release of BiGoHoo inserts the number of Facebook Likes for the search results on Bing, Google and Yahoo!. The Kynetx KRL source code for BiGoHoo is available from GitHub. You may also take BiGoHoo for a test drive by download the browser extension for Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome.

Here's a quick screenshot of BiGoHoo in action on Google:

Update 13 Oct 2010: Integration with Twitter and Google Buzz have been added to BiGoHoo. The updated Kynetx source code has been posted to Github.Here's an updated screenshot from Google which includes the integration of social media data from Facebook, Twitter and Buzz:

Kynetx Annotation Framework V 2.0 Basics

The release of the Kynetx Annotation V2.0 framework provides us with an extensible and feature rich API for the building website mashups. Out of the box the Annotation framework will enable you to develop mashups on Google, AOL Search, Bing, Yahoo! Search, HotBot,, AlltheWeb, AltaVista, Facebook and LinkedIn. With just a bit on configuration the framework can eazily be extended to work on other websites not supported by the default configuration. Three basic patterns of annotation are now supported by the framework: local, remote and event.

Liberate Your Web Toolbar with Kynetx

As the Kynetx Fanboy I wanted to share with you a tip on how to build and distribute a web toolbar for your clients, fans or family. But this will be hard, right? You'll need expert developer skills, right? No! If you know how to use a web browser and can cut & paste text, then you can build it. Really!