Now You Can "Like" Any Company on LinkedIn

Inspired by Jess Stay's Kynetx application that enables you to like any Tweet on, I wrote a variation which will let you Like any company on The Kynetx application can be installed as a browser extension available for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer from the Aculis website. Once you will the application installed you will be able to Like company pages on LinkedIn.

Happy Hack'in with Kynetx JSONPath

You can doing amazing things with the tools that are available to you, if you only take the time to learn how to use them. That was how I felt after taking the time to dig into the details of JSONPath. The Kynetx KRL language contains a number of mini languages, regex, jQuery, JSONPath, etc. While I was fortunate to have JSON data source for the CloudStatus application, the structure of the data was not usable. Or so I initially thought.

Kynetx Flow of Control in CloudStatus

The development of solutions within an event based language like Kynetx requires you to remap your architecture skills. It's more common for us to apply object oriented or functional methodology, but not so common to apply an event architecture. To that end I wanted to share with you the architecture of the CloudStatus Kynetx application.

Twitter WebHook for Kynetx Applications

You can have a Twitter WebHook for your Kynetx application by using Notifo and the services. Herein are the configuration steps and a simple HelloWorldish Kynetx application. Your Kynetx application will be called where your Twitter account receives a DM, mention, gets a new follower or when someone favorites one of your tweets. Let's jump right into the configuration steps!