Inspired by Jess Stay's Kynetx application that enables you to like any Tweet on, I wrote a variation which will let you Like any company on The Kynetx application can be installed as a browser extension available for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer from the Aculis website. Once you will the application installed you will be able to Like company pages on LinkedIn.

Here's an example of me liking the Aculis company page on LinkedIn:

Which is displayed in my profile on Facebook like this:

One of the more interesting parts of this Kynetx application is that to avoid having Likes for each of the subordinate company pages on LinkedIn a regular expression is used to extract the company name from the URL:

select when pageview "/company/([\w\-]*)" setting (companyName)

Then the extracted company name is inserted into the call to the Facebook Like widget before it is inserted into the webpage:


You can take LinkedIn Like for a test drive by installing the browser extension from the portfolio page. And the Kynetx KRL source code for the application has be posted to GitHub as a gist.