SkyApp Skunkworks: Personal Cloud Application Template

SkyAppOne is a single-page application template for the Personal Cloud. Twitter Bootstrap is used to provide a responsive web interface, with the Kinetic Rules Engine (KRE) providing the event processing back-end. This initial template provides an example of how to handle routing via URL hashtags and authentication with the Kynetx account system. Future SkyApp templates will offer additional solution specific examples.

CRUD in Your Personal Cloud

In this article we will develop a watch action for form submits within the Sky Event API. Previously we have done CRUD with KRL, which enables the development of data storage modules. While the watch() action works well with the current Blue API, it does not yet support the Sky Event API. We have added a watch_submit() defaction to the SkyKit module so that you can create a data storage module in your Personal Cloud.

Time Travel with KRL

Well perhaps not time travel in the science fiction sense, but we will be performing transmogrification between time format specification ... which is time travel in the developer sense (grin). A recent project involved reading an RSS feed and formatting it for display within a web page. Unfortunately the pubDate time format in the RSS feed was not compatible with the KRL time library. So we developed a KRL function to convert the time format. Perhaps you will find this function useful when you embark on your own time travels.

KRL Quickie: Embedded Site Tags

Your KRL Ruleset can be executed on your web page by simply embedding a site tag. The end user does not need to install a browser extension for your ruleset to run. Of course you will need to be able to modify the files on the website directly in order to embed the site tag.

Knock on the Sky and Listen for Events

With the introduction of the Kynetx Sky Event API you can now raise events to all the rulesets installed in your Kynetx Personal Cloud without the need to specify a ruleset. Prior to the release of the Sky Event API events had to be raised to a specific ruleset using the Blue API. This feature of the Sky Event API extends the late binding nature of the Kynetx platform. As a developer you do not need to hard code a ruleset ID. For the end-user you have the freedom to choose which ruleset you want to respond to an event when it is raised.