CloudOS Event Protocol Update

The Kynetx CloudOS Ruleset and Module provide and event based interface to the Personal Cloud account services. The account services include the ability to manage Personal Clouds, Personal Channels and Rulesets within a Personal Cloud. The CloudOS module provides functions to access the account services and the Ruleset provides includes system Rules that provide access to the account system. This week we have updated the functions provided by the module to operate with the current Personal Cloud, or within another Personal Cloud identified by a Personal Channel.

Personal Cloud Subscription Walkabout

The objective of this article is to explore the steps necessary to establish Personal Channels between two Personal Clouds. The notion of a subscription in this context is that a Personal Channel is established which permits events to be raised from one Personal Cloud into another Personal Cloud. So we need to create two Personal Channels, one channel for Ben to raised events into Ted's Personal Cloud and a second Personal Channel for Ted to raised events into Ben's Personal Cloud. We begin this exercise with two Personal Clouds, one for Ben and second one for Ted. In addition, there is a well known public Channel into Ted's Personal Cloud which we will call the doorbell.

SkyApp Skunkworks: Personal Cloud User Profile

SkyAppTwo is a single-page application that list the application and channels for the Personal Cloud. Twitter Bootstrap is used to provide a responsive web interface, with the Kinetic Rules Engine (KRE) providing the event processing back-end. The SkyApp is built on a refactored module for accessing the accounting system called CloudOS. Note that after you authenticate the CloudOS Ruleset/Module is installed into your Personal Cloud.