The Kynetx CloudOS Ruleset and Module provide and event based interface to the Personal Cloud account services. The account services include the ability to manage Personal Clouds, Personal Channels and Rulesets within a Personal Cloud. The CloudOS module provides functions to access the account services and the Ruleset provides includes system Rules that provide access to the account system. This week we have updated the functions provided by the module to operate with the current Personal Cloud, or within another Personal Cloud identified by a Personal Channel.

If you want to used the CloudOS function within the current Personal Cloud simple omit the userToken parameter when calling the function. For example, to uninstall a Ruleset from the current Personal Cloud:

pre {
  rulesetStatus = CloudOS:rulesetRemove("a169x404");

However, if you want to uninstall a Ruleset for another Personal Cloud you will need to include a Personal Channel identifier for the target Personal Cloud:

pre {
  authToken = "71760130-a8f8-012f-4a37-00163ebcdddd";
  rulesetStatus = CloudOS:rulesetRemove("a169x404", authToken);

Of course in order to use the functions provided by the CloudOS module you must include the following pragma in the meta section of your ruleset:

user module a169x625 alias CloudOS

Documentation on the functions provided are available at Functions are provided by the CloudOS module to create, destroy and list Personal Channels, to add, remove and list Rulesets, and to create and authenticate with Personal Clouds.